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Comprehensive & Convenient

Can you do without paper sheets? I can’t.

Generally I have a rough idea of ISO/DIN A paper sizes, but when it comes to exact dimensions or sheet sizes of more exotic standards even I need a little help. Although books and encyclopedias are all very well for some things, the vast world wide web for others, I needed a more direct and intuitive way to quickly find those precious bits of information. What is better for this purpose than a widget right on your Mac’s dashboard?

I started this project in 2011 and have since improved the interface and added items.

What’s in the box?

Currently nineteen categories are included:

  • ISO/DIN/JIS A (Standard printing and stationery)
  • ISO/DIN B (Posters, wall-charts)
  • ISO/DIN C (Folders, post cards and envelopes)
  • ISO/DIN D (Boxes and cases)
  • ISO RA (Raw format A)
  • ISO SRA (Supplementary raw format A)
  • JIS B/JB (Japanese B)
  • Japanese Cut (Japanese paper sizes)
  • Japanese Uncut (Japanese sheet sizes)
  • Shiroku-ban (Traditional Japanese paper sizes)
  • Kiku-ban (Traditional Japanese paper sizes)
  • Kai (开 kāi, Common Chinese paper sizes)
  • US Engineering (US Engineering Drawing Sizes)
  • US Architecture (US Architectural Drawing Sizes)
  • US Metric Book (US metric book sizes)
  • US Misc. (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Newspaper (Newspaper formats)
  • Traditional Europe (Traditional European sizes)
  • Traditional Inch (Traditional inch-based paper sizes)

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(Use at your own risk. Errors and omissions excepted.)