Vision Wanted!

A Designer’s Website

Desire for change is what drives the internet

A fluid exchange of information is its core ability. It is not about having the final say, instead it takes you on a ride – a ride where the journey is its own reward. I propose to take you on a part of this journey through the world of design, communication and technology. Welcome to my website!

Why am I not on Facebook?

As a communication designer with experience in corporate and conceptual design, illustration, the established and new media, I am accustomed to meeting new challenges daily to provide a stage for messages. For me, to be a design all-rounder means to discern the needs and wishes of others and to present them with convincing solutions, which take me beyond the common strategies.

With an ever-increasing number of media types, forms of expression and addressees necessarily diversify, endowing us with a wealth of possibilities, do I then have to join every conversation? – Well, only those, which effectively help me or others move forward.